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Q: How is PLGTRACK.COM different than other legislative and regulatory tracking services?

A: PLGTRACK.COM picks up where other services stop. We perform a comprehensive search of new laws and regulations at both the Federal and state level as our starting point, but then have experienced lawyers analyze those search results to summarize and report on what is truly important to your business. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the prescription benefits industry and as a result they know what is relevant and why. Most services stop at the search results page, but PLGTRACK.COM goes on to do the analysis for you.

Q: How is the information in PLGTRACK.COM organized?

A: PLGTRACK.COM focuses on key topics relevant to the PBM Industry. For example, you will find information on PBM Regulation, Discount Cards, Prompt Pay, Pharmacy Contracting Requirements, etc. The database will identify the new law or regulation, provide a brief summary, identify the effective date, and provide a link to the actual text of the new law or regulation. In addition, the database may be searched a variety of ways—by topic, by state, by effective date, by date passed, etc. It’s designed to be as flexible as you need.


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